About Ruth

Born and raised in the island of Borneo (or “Sabah”, East Malaysia), Ruth began her journey in music at the age of 6. Captivated by the sound of the piano, Ruth was greatly influenced by her elder sister, Priscilla (then 17) who often played the piano at home.

Ruth started playing the piano by ear when she was 6, imitating her elder sister’s classical music pieces. At the age of 8, she began to learn to play the piano.

At the age of 12, Ruth was mentored by a pianist at her local church to ‘play by ear’, a spontaneous style suitable for worshipful atmosphere. Since then, Ruth had served as a pianist and singer in the children’s church, youth meetings and other services in her local church. 

Drawn by her passion in music and her growing understanding of the love of God, Ruth began to compose her own songs in her teenage years. She had since won various singing competitions.

Ruth has also composed outstanding music and songs and has since won international recognition and awards for her song and music composition. 

A continued journey

Ruth relocated to the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia in 2007 to further her university education. There, she continued to serve in a local church as a keyboardist and singer and continued to write her own songs.

She relocated to Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia in 2009. She is now residing in Toowoomba and serves as a worship leader at Without Walls Outreach Ministries based in Toowoomba (also known as “Jimmy Njino Ministries International”). Ruth also travels her husband in Australian and Internationally to minister in churches and train worship leaders in the area of prophetic worship and song-writing. 

One of her greatest passion is in the area of spontaneous worship (also known as Prophetic Worship). “I heard about prophetic worship a few years ago but I did not operate in it until a Prophetic Psalmist prayed for me. Since then, I took a new approach to worship leading and even song writing. Prophetic worship is actually very simple; it is simply listening to what Holy Spirit is saying and singing it out.” She reports various testimonies amongst the congregation during the worship sessions.


She released her debut album, "Extravagant" in 2012. This album focuses on healing for the broken hearted and helping listeners to move forward in their God-given destiny. In 2013, Ruth released her second album "Arise and Shine", an album to call out to the body of Christ to arise and to shine! In 2015, Ruth felt a leading to put together a soaking album, entitled "I Miss You" and soon thereafter, a revival album entitled "Revive My Heart". Both albums were released in Spring 2015. 

Ruth has also released books in relation to worship: https://www.amazon.com/author/ruthchainjiino

Ruth and her husband, Jimmy Njiino are the Senior Pastors of Victory Life Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. Ruth serves alongside her husband in the worship ministry.