Ruth's Testimony

At the age of 18, Ruth left home and went to another city in the same continent to further her studies. There, her life took a 180 degree course turn.

“When I think about what Jesus has done for me, I still get overwhelmed by His goodness. At times, I still think that the gospel is ‘too good to be true’, but the truth is.. it’s true! When I was 18, I left home to continue my studies in another city and there, I attended a church who would preach about the grace and unconditional love of God. When I first heard the message about the grace of God, I seriously thought it was a cult! I thought to myself “how can God, a Holy God, still love me when I fail Him?” After some time, my ‘lightning fast mind’ began to finally grasp that God loves me and accepts me because His Son, Jesus Christ died for me at the cross and paid for all of my failures and that I can never do enough good works to warrant my acceptance in Him.”

Ruth testified that even as a child, she had battled with asthma which had impeded upon her ability to sing when the episodes would appear. “Prior to understanding the grace of God, whenever I get these episodes, I would think that it was God who was punishing me for not being ‘good enough’.” At the age of 19, out of her renewed understanding of the heart of a loving Father God, she prayed for a miracle that those episodes will never return. Since then, she testifies that she been completely free from asthma.

“My greatest passion is to see people set free and know God for who He is; a loving Father who wants the best for each of us”.